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Our new and improved Advance Spectrum MAX 180 Watt 3w-Chip Modular LED grow light panels are finally here! This multi-band LED grow light panel has the ability to blow HID's out of the water with its full spectrum of light. Make no mistake, this L.E.D. is a true equivalent light to a 400w HID grow light system, and draws more than 50% less energy! The red, orange, blue, light blue, and white wavelengths are absorbed by the plants' chlorophyll molecules, and the new Infrared spectrum promotes resin growth for plant protection*.

A new feature of these new LED grow light panels is the 60 degree secondary angle lens that helps the 90 degree primary lens give deeper and more intense light coverage than ever before. Most 120 degree angle lens other retailers offer with their LEDs' spreads light away from the plant instead of directing it towards them, thus causing stunted growth and overall poor quality in lighting. Alternatively, 60 degree angled lenses from most retailers are very intense, but sacrifice too much light coverage. With the dual lens technology we offer, it more than triples the intensity and penetration compared to most LED Grow Light Kits on the market. From vegetables and herbs to flowers and fruiting plants, our 180w 3w chip modular LED grow panels offer a full spectrum of light that HID's can beat!

Why buy Advanced Spectrum MAX Modular?

Dual Lens Technology: The 90 degree base lense offers a wide area of light coverage, and the 60 degree secondary lense offers more intense light on to your plants than most LED's on the market.
Modular Design: No glue, no glass, no fuss! Diodes that go out do not affect the rest of the panel, and any parts that need replacing are a snap!
Intelligent Detection: There are diodes on the side of the panel that indicate any operating defects, so you won't have to wait until it's too late for repair.
Low Heat: The heat dissipation design and internal fans help keep our LED's 10-15 degrees cooler than other LED's.
Better for Environment: These LED's save 50-90% in energy consumption versus incandescent and fluorescent tubes!
Aprox. Lifespan: 50,000+ hours
Easy to install, use, and repair!


  1. Brand New in Retail Package and Ready to Ship
  2. Panel Dimensions: 10.5" x 11" x 3"
  3. 60x LED's Diodes with 3w Chips
  4. Light Blue LED wavelength: 430nm
  5. Blue LED wavelength: 460nm
  6. Orange LED wavelength: 630nm
  7. Red LED wavelength: 660nm
  8. New Infrared LED wavelength: 710 IR (Promotes resin growth on plant for protection and growth)- it looks like there's nothing at all!
  9. White LED wavelength: 10,000k
  10. Approx. Lifetime: 50,000 Hours 
  11. Built-in Cooling Fans
  12. Heat dissipation design
  13. Full spectrum, great for all phases of plant growth
  14. Perfect for Indoor Growing in any medium: Hydroponics, Aeroponics, or Soil
  15. Hanging Hardware for Easy Set up in Minutes!
  16. Covers a 4'x4' area during vegetation and a 3.5'x3.5' area when flowering (Coverage area calculated with light 24 inches from plant)
* Note: Infrared diodes do not give off a visible spectrum. Although it is helpful to your plants and is actively working the moment you turn your light on, it will not be visible to the naked eye.

** Light ratings are based on the number of diodes in the unit multiplied by the chip wattage.

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