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Dose of Nature would like to introduce you to the new world of Nano CBD. Virtually all supplements have to be “nano-sized” in order to be available for use at the cellular level.  We chew things, digest things, and break them down with enzymes or in our body, until at last they can be utilized in a variety of cellular pathways as functional ingredients.

Bioavailability can be measured in two ways.  One looks at how rapidly a supplement can be absorbed into the body.  The other measure looks at how fast the body can take a “macro” nutrient and process it down to a nano nutrient which is functional at the cellular level.  Let’s look at each of these separately as it relates to CBD and hemp oil.

Because of the price of CBD-rich hemp extract, you have to do everything possible to make sure that you are absorbing the ingredients.  It is awfully expensive stuff to just be pooping out, if you’ll excuse our language.

With the Nano CBD Chaser™, Dose of Nature takes ultra-refined KannaTek RedStrap™ oil which is 70% CBD with the Full Suite of other cannabinoids still intact.  Measuring the particle size of the cannabinoids in our oil, our CBD and other cannabinoids are measured at 147.5 nanometers.  They have been liberated from waxes, resins, cellulose structures that make them hard to digest, and taken them a giant leap forward in terms of being at a bioavailable size.

That oil is then processed into a Hydrosome™, where the 147.5 nano meter particles are broken down to a functional and nearly uniform size of 3 nanometers in diameter.  This is slightly larger than the diameter of your DNA.  It is tiny but very functional at the cellular level.  One of the larger particles at 147.5 nanometers in diameter makes over 127,000 of the 3 nanometer size cannabinoids.  This is just one part of what we call the Amplification Effect or “Amp Effect” of Hydrosomes™.

Then these tiny particles are embedded in micro-clusters of water called Hydrosomes™ – nano sized nutrients embedded within stable micro-clusters of ultra-pure water.  Just to clear, we don’t just dissolve them in water, but go through a proprietary process where we break up water down to molecular sub-clusters of water, and reform the water clusters around the nano nutrients such that the nutrients are actually embedded or encased within the water cluster.

These stable micro-water clusters are small enough to be readily and passively absorbed into the body and into the cells, carrying their payload of CBD along with it.  They are absorbed first thing in the stomach as “water” not relying on the much slower absorption mechanisms in the small intestine for typical oils.  They are small enough to be carried rapidly and virtually throughout the body and brain with little hindrance.

So some day in the near future, when you gaze down at the Nano CBD Chaser™ gripped in your hands, you are looking at the most rapidly bioavailable form of CBD available, also providing a shot of advanced cellular hydration at the same time.

Though the ultimate amount of CBD is 1.3 mg per bottle:

      • 147,000 times the particles free flowing through the Amp Effect of nano-sizing
      • Virtually 100% of it will be rapidly absorbed as water with no waste
      • Advanced cellular hydration
      • Try it!

People take the Nano CBD Chaser™ alone for rapid effect. Other people use the product in conjunction with the RedStrap™ CBD in Oil or the Sweet CBD™ glycerin product.  Dose of Nature also offers the Nano CBD Shooter™ which is a combination of the Sweet CBD™ and the Nano CBD Shooter ™.

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