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Worms are Mother Nature’s most famous decomposer. The benefits that worms provide for our gardens are plentiful and essential. Worm castings in particular, provide all the sixteen necessary plant nutrients, as well as vital organic acids, and beneficial organisms. 1 tablespoon of worm castings can provide enough plant food for a 6” potted plant for more than 2 months. Worm castings and worm extracts are used by discerning professional and hobbyist gardeners around the world. Humboldt Nutrients Liquid Underground is a worm casting extract produced from the best worm castings in the world. Rich in essential nutrients, organic acids, and beneficial organisms, the HN Liquid Underground provides gardeners with a bio-stimulant for soil organisms, as well as facilitating better plant nutrition and uptake. Weekly applications during fruiting and flowering stages for plants and vegetables can help increase yield and virility. Humboldt Nutrients Liquid Underground can be applied to all crops including hydroponics, vegetable crops, row crops, field crops, trees, vines, ornamentals, and landscaping
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