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We’d like to say that our Nitro Nutrients Atomic Root Powder “literally” makes your roots explode. But actually, it “figuratively” makes them explode. Anyway, Atomic Root Powder is our unique root-enhancing formula made to grow and maintain massive healthy root system throughout the growing season from start to finish.

Our Mad Scientist and his more mildly mad minions are always doing in-house research to grow the ultimate crop with precisely-balanced formulas. We make sure that your plants never run out of the critical nutrients they need from early grow phase, all the way through to final yield. Once in a while, because any Mad Scientist can get bored just “figuratively” blowing stuff up, we let him actually blow some stuff up.

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The following is information about our nitrogen (N), ascophyllum nodosom, mycorrhizal fungi and what they do:

Nitrogen (N) is the most important mineral element in plant nutrition. It is a constituent of amino acids, proteins and nucleic acids and therefore, is fundamental to the growing process, in the division phase as well as in cellular elongation.

Ascophyllum nodosom is a natural seaweed extract that provides trace minerals (70+), and is a rich source of potassium and natural plant hormones for your crop. These compounds are known to accelerate growth, increase flowering and fruiting, intensify color, and provide resistance to disease and insect infestation.


  • improves seed germination and increases root development
  • increases bloom set and size of flowers and fruit
  • increases and stabilizes chlorophyll in plants, which results in darker green leaves and increased sugar content in plants
  • relieves stress in plants caused by extreme environmental conditions
  • increases plant vigor, and thus imparts a greater resistance to disease and insect attacks
  • increases mineral uptake by the plant
  • increases storage life of crops by retarding the loss of protein, chlorophyll and RNA
  • retards the aging process in plants (senescence), thereby lengthening the production season

Mycorrhizal fungi: “mycorrrhiza” literally means “fungus root” and defines the mutually-beneficial relationship between the plant root and fungus. Mycorrhizae fungi cause fine feeder roots to branch and extend the active feeding capacity of the root tips by mycelial networks in rockwool or other inert growth medias that much more effectively access and trans-locate these materials back to the plant.

What are endomycorrhizae?

Endomycorrhizae have an exchange mechanism on the inside of the root (and the hyphae extend outside the root), endomycorrhizae form mostly with green leafy plants.


  • consistent high yields and faster growth
  • water can be reused
  • easily introduced to the roots

1oz of Atomic makes 60 gallons of solution per weekly feeding.

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