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The Oneness Program works excellent in all growing applications: soil, ebb & flow (re-circulating), drain to waste, aeroponics, deep water culture and fogponic systems, using any growing media or garden setup.This package provides a great starter set for any novice growers. Please keep in mind that, even though we try our very best to provide practical bottle sizes for any grow setups, all gardens are made/setup differently. If your garden requires more nutrients than the package provides, you may purchases them separately.

Package Includes:

  1.  Oneness - 32 oz. - Humboldt Nutrients: Through extensive research and development, the Humboldt Nutrients teams of agronomists and chemists have created this premium One-part formula. Oneness contains a unique proprietary combination of macro and micro nutrients which cannot be found in competing One-part formulas. Oneness protects your garden from nutrient lock-out and salt build-up. Oneness is used as a food source by both plants and microorganisms. Oneness can help assure that your fruits, vegetables and herbs receive adequate nutrition without draining your bank account.

  2. Ginormous - 32 oz. - Humboldt Nutrients: Ginormous was specifically formulated to help your favorite plants yield larger fruits, higher Brix levels and better aromas. Ginormous is free of any harmful hormones.

  3. Sea Cal - 16 oz. - Humboldt Nutrients: Humboldt Nutrients Sea Cal was designed in Humboldt County to be a powerful additive for hydroponics and all growing mediums. Sea Cal may be utilized for any type of vegetable, flower or herb. Sea Cal is a concentrated growth enhancer and calcium supplement that offers vital nitrogen and calcium in the ratios which are beneficial during early plant development. Calcium is very important during a plant’s vegetative and flowering cycle, controlling aspects of cell wall structure and permeability. Calcium is absorbed into a plant through the root tips, but plants are not always able to completely satisfy their need for calcium through their roots; foliar sprays can help in this regard.

  4. White Widow - 1 oz. - Humboldt Nutrients: Mycorrhizal inoculants are crucial to sustaining a healthy, expansive root zone. Humboldt Nutrients is proud to launch our newest and most powerful soluble mycorrhizal, White Widow.
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