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With more CBD than ordinary hemp, Pharma products are not merely another hemp supplement. Our CBD oil is gathered from Non-GMO hemp cannabis where no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers are ever used. Our CBD E-Liquids are all vegetable glycerin based, and are safe enough to consume.

Pharma products are produced in the USA and go through third-party lab testing to guarantee the highest purity of the end products we give to you. Our attention to quality also assures that our E-Liquids will not separate, letting you enjoy the same quality throughout your use.

E-Liquid Ingredients: 40mg CBD Gold Hemp Oil, VG, GABA, Natural & Artificial Flavoring.

Available with 0mg or 12mg nicotine.

To use, simply attach the atomizer to the E-Cig, inhale, and enjoy! Once the E-Cig needs recharging, the light on the end will blink.

To charge the E-Cig, remove any attached atomizers. Twist the E-Cig onto the provided USB charger and plug into a USB port.

Once used, the atomizer in this kit may be tossed and replaced with any of our Pharma CBD Vape cartridges, or refilled with any flavor of Pharma CBD Vape E-Liquid. To refill atomizer, pull off the mouthpiece and remove the inner rubber plug. Top-up with any Pharma E-Liquid by placing tip of the E-Liquid bottle directly into the cartridge and inverting the bottle. Put the small rubber plug back into place and snap the mouthpiece on once the cartridge is filled. The atomizer is once again ready to use.

With the convenience of our Vape E-Cig kits, our non-psychoactive Vape E-Liquid is a surefire way to enjoy your CBD-rich hemp oil on the go!


Savor invigorating mint with the convenience of our Vape E-Cig kits and the highest quality Fresh Mints CBD E-Liquid. This rechargeable pre-filled 510 Vape E-Cig Kit contains one Vape battery, one USB charger, and one 1ml atomizer pre-filled with Pharma 40mg CBD Fresh Mints E-Liquid. Available with 0mg or 12mg nicotine.

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