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  • Deep canopy penetration with 60 degree secondary lens mangifier
  • Approx. 50,000+ hour lifespan
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 120 Satisfaction Guarantee

This S810 LED grow light from Advance Spectrum MAX is the industry standard for commercial growing and serious home application. Creating a never evending yield in any garden is usually stopped by environmental control issues (heat from your grow light, not enough light penetration, etc.). But with the S810, the low heat, cost efficient unit can relieve many stresses for your garden by providing the complete spectrum of light from seed to harvest as well as paying for itself in 1 year. 2x 545W LED Grow Light provides wall to wall lighting for the 60x60x78 Yield Lab Grow Tent


What makes this LED an Advance Spectrum MAX LED?


  • Robust plant growth - Advance Spectrum MAX LED Grow Lights stimulates all phases of robust plant growth (seedling, vegging, and flowering) by emitting high intensity full spectrum lighting for chlorophyll A and B production.
  • Dual Lens Technology - Our Advance Spectrum MAX LED lights increases Canopy Penetration with the Dual Lens feature. It increases PAR by 200% by maximizing light dispersion and focuses the light intensity with the second 60 degree angle mangnifying lens.
  • Sleek design - Extra large aluminum heat sinks, quiet fans, and precision drivers, all neatly packaged in a sharp looking LED grow light system.
  • Higher yields with a budget in mind - High quality lights don't have to break the bank. Our lights are 40% cheaper than our competitors without sacrificing on quality or features.
  • 120 Day Satisfaction Guarantee - We're so confident of the Advance Spectrum MAX lights that we offer a 120 Day Guarantee. Try it for a growth cycle, if they aren't the best lights you've tried, send them back.



  1. Brand New in Retail Package and Ready to Ship
  2. Panel Dimensions: 41" x 11" x 3"
  3. 270x LED's Diodes with 3w Chips
  4. New Infrared LED wavelength: 710 IR (Promotes resin growth on plant for protection and growth)- it looks like there's nothing at all!
  5. Approx. Lifetime: 50,000 Hours 
  6. Built-in Cooling Fans
  7. Heat dissipation design
  8. Full spectrum, great for all phases of plant growth
  9. Perfect for Indoor Growing in any medium: Hydroponics, Aeroponics, or Soil
  10. Hanging Hardware for Easy Set up in Minutes!

* Note: Infrared diodes do not give off a visible spectrum. Although it is helpful to your plants and is actively working the moment you turn your light on, it will not be visible to the naked eye.

** Light ratings are based on the number of diodes in the unit multiplied by the chip wattage.

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