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The Stacker is a 30 plant LED grow box with all in one capabilities. Grow a continuous harvest all year long! This best selling hydroponic system is widely popular and for good reason. The Stacker is the advanced indoor gardening system of the future!

Stacker - 30 Plant Grow Box - All In One Hydroponic System

The Stacker is the ultimate "all in one" hydroponics grow box. You can continuously harvest plants in this 3 in 1 hydroponic system. The Stacker has gained massive popularity since its inception. Order one today to find out why!

Note: The Stacker is also available in soil. Both hydroponics and soil work great with the Stacker. Feel free to pick which one you are most comfortable with in the drop down menu above.

Dimensions: 74.5” x 36” x 31”

Shipping: The Stacker ships for $324 via stealth shipping. Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

Have it your way! Go with the hydroponics Stacker or the soil version from the menu above!

Top 10 Reasons To Buy a Double Blooming Stacker - Hydro LED Grow Box


  1. Innovative Plant Science - The Stacker hydroponics design is based on some of the newest research in the vanguard of the plant science industry. Its design reflects a lot about what modern growers know and how they facilitate great plant cycles.
  2. Dual Hydroponics Chamber - The Stacker kit features two chambers in two separate setups in order to grow quicker and pursue more versatile plant cycles.
  3. Energy Efficient - The air handling system and conditioning in this system is extremely competitive and may eliminate the need for carbon dioxide.
  4. Plug & Play - The Stacker comes fully assembled and ready to use with instructions.
  5. Stealth- This system will not stand out in an interior space. Those looking for a stealth hydroponics kit can get what they need with Stacker. With the advanced 3 point locking system, your plants will be secure. The noise canceling system, oversized carbon filter, and other stealth features make the Stacker unnoticeable.
  6. 24/7 Harvests - Perpetual/Continuous growing means you can take clones from your own plants and start your next grow.  While you prepare the new clones, finish blooming your plants in the other chamber!
  7. Productivity - Research has found that the Stacker can produce competitive harvests on about half the power usage associated with some kits.
  8. Versatile - Easily switch your grow medium in your grow box between soil and hydroponics.  Enjoy experimenting and found the grow style that fits you.
  9. Easy Installation - The Stacker kit comes with everything included, and all of the instructional materials you need for easy setup.
  10. Exclusive Features - Items like fire resistant frame design, double air filters, double chambers, mobile frame, and interior reflective surfaces are practically exclusive to the Stacker system.

More About The Stacker Hydroponic System

Getting two grow boxes in one single kit can be extremely effective for many growers. LED light technology and other tools also help with low energy consumption and low fire risk, as well as less chance of plants burning from excessive proximity to light. Hydroponic or soil-based options mean growers can choose what’s most convenient for their needs. Stackable design allows for versatility in plant volume, and Stacker is compatible with a lot of commercial extras for hydroponic gardening that can really boost the productivity and efficiency of a given setup.

Take plants effectively from seed to harvest with this innovative hydroponic system, complete with Duramax 270 LED grow lights and a complete double kit for multi-phase gardening. This is one of the best systems for making a simple interior space into a modern grow room overnight.

All of these systems receive our dedication to standing behind our products. We will offer complete customer support and service, along with efficient shipping and a warranty in order to provide guaranteed satisfaction.

Stacker Specs


Can Grow-

  • 30 Fully Mature Plants - 2.5' Tall
  • 72 Clones/Seedlings

4” In-Line Duct Fan-

  • 170cfm
  • Static Pressure: 2.15”/w
  • .7 amps

Carbon Filter-

  • 10 lbs. Activated Carbon Filter
  • 1” Thick Carbon

Circulation fans-

  • 6” Circulation fans (2)
  • 190 cfm each
  • .165 Amps each
  • 14W each

Hydroponic Reservoir / Feeding-

  • Air pump 6w, .13 amps, 70gph (2)
  • 10 gallons (2)
  • 3.75” net pots (30)
  • 3' air diffuser (4)
  • 160gph submersible pump (2)

System Total-

  • 4.3-4.6 amps (110v)
  • 250 lbs.
  • 74.5” x 36” x 26” (Pre-Installation H x W x D)
  • 74.5” x 36” x 31” (Fully Assembled)

Optional Upgrades


RO Water Filter - $199

Purify your water to 99.9% purity levels. Although this is not required, it will improve the health of the plants.

Sub LED Grow Light Panels - $300/$600

Improve growth speed by adding sub LED panels.

6 Month Standard Nutrient Package - $49 (Saves 15% +)

Ordering a 6 month standard nutrient pack is for those who are not satisfied with the 3 month pack that we offer. The Stacker already comes with a 3 month pack so you won't have to worry about it for the first 3 months but order the 6 month pack and you will save yourself some time once your nutrients run out.

  • 1L CNS17 Grow
  • 2L CNS17 Bloom
  • 1L CNS17 Ripe

6 Month Expert Nutrient Package - $179 (Saves 15% +)

The expert nutrient pack is great for those who wants to improve plant health and speed. We offer instructions on how to use the expert nutrients so that both beginners and experts alike can grow like pros.

  • 1L CNS17 Grow
  • 2L CNS17 Bloom 
  • 1L CNS17 Ripe
  • 1L Liquid Karma 
  • 1L Hydroplex
  • 1L Sweet Raw
  • 1L Clearex

Buy Online or Call To Order! 888-HYDRO-81

The Stacker and all other grow systems are made in the USA. We support the economy from within!

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