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The Super Closet Deluxe is the best selling grow box in the world! The Super Deluxe hydroponic system holds 16 plants and is an all in one hydroponic cabinet.

Super Deluxe Hydroponics System 3.0 16 Plant


The Super Deluxe is light tight and odor proof. It uses a carbon filter to block out odors. You also get a locking system to protect your plants (comes with lock and key). You can grow non-stop with the Deluxe since it is an all-in-one system meaning more yields. Finally, you get a 3 year warranty and unlimited tech support via phone or email with this product.

The cloning chamber holds 50 plants and a few mothers. It houses two 24w T-5 flourescents bulbs at 6500k lighting. You can even remove the shelves to manipulate the height as desired.

The Super Deluxe comes with:

  • 400w HPS SuperCool Lumatek Lighting
  • 16 Plant Superponics System for Plant Growing
  • Flourescent Lighting 2ft 24w T-5 (High Output) 
  • 50 Site SuperCloner System
  • Technaflora Recipe for Success Nutrient Kit (6 Month Supply)
  • Industrial Carbon Filter
  • Trellis System
  • Digital Termomether/Hygrometer
  • pH Control Kit from General Hydroponics
  • Eco air 4 Air Pump
  • 185 GPH Water Pump
  • Internal Circulation Fans (Adjustable)
  • TDS Meter
  • 10 Socket Industrial Power Strip
  • Analog Timers
  • GFCI Shock Buster
  • Rockwool Cubes
  • Clay Grow Rocks
  • DVD Instructions
  • Instructional PDF (E-Mail)
  • Unlimited Phone & Tech Support

Optional Upgrades Include:

  • 600w HPS SuperCool Lumatek Light - More Power/Faster Growth
  • Kind LED Grow Lights (450 Watt - More Power/Faster Growth/Less Electricity Cost/Less Heat)
  • 400w MH Bulb - To Help With Vegitative
  • Suplemental T5 Lighting - More Power/Faster Growth
  • Co2 Boost Bucket - 25% Faster Growth (Stand Alone Bucket)
  • Co2 Tank System - 25% Faster Growth (Installed System)
  • Ozonator - Eliminates 99.999% of All Scents
  • Reverse Osmosis 200 GPD Water Filter - Filters Water by 99.999% Purity
  • BlueLab Guardian Nutrient Meter - Measurement Tool For Nutrient Levels
  • Technaflora Nutrient Expert Pack - Year Supply of Expert Nutrients
  • Total Germination Pack - Seedling Tray, Humidity Dome, Seedling Heat Mat, Heat Mat Thermostate, & Rockwool
  • Method 7 Grow Sun Glasses - Help You See Better in HPS lighting for True Color
  • Magic Herb Dryer - Dries Your Plants Effeciently
  • 55 Page Training Guide - Comprehensive Training Guide (Become a Hydroponics Expert)


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