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The Trinity has enough room for a whopping 44 plants that can grow up to 5 feet tall! Our custom powder coated cabinet is 6 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and 2 feet deep giving you a full 72 cubic feet of growing space. The Trinity has 2 door opening, full spectrum 600 watt HPS lighting system, and an automated hydroponics system (can use water or soil). The control system is on the back for a stealth appearance. You will also have a locking system with 2 sets of keys. Also included is the separated vegetation/propogation chamber with an 80 watt dualfluorescent lighting system. Co2 is optional, but highly recommended. The Co2 system feeds Co2 directly to your plants (Co2 is a major plant food source), thereby increasing production by 30%-50%. Overall, the Trinity is a great system to own for the commercial grower.

Trinity Grow Box - 32 Plant Hydroponic Cabinet

Benefit from perfect hydroponic yields solutions with this automated and completely assembled system that will provide you with a safe and aesthetic area for growing different kinds of hydroponic plants. This sturdy powder coated cabinet comes with lock and key design for security, and all of what you need to grow great plants. The upgrades available are not necessary components of this kit: the Trinity 3.0 comes with everything you need to set up for hydroponic plant cycles.

NOTE: All upgrades on the Trinity are luxury upgrades and are NOT necessary to grow from start to finish. The basic unit comes with everything you need except for the plants.

The Trinity 3.0 product represents an upgrade from last year’s Trinity system – this new Trinity 3.0version has an automated Superponics watering system for more yields and allowing plants to growto 5 times faster – this all comes with full life-cycle customer support and a three-year comprehensive warranty.

72"H X 72"W X 24"D

Steps for the Trinity 3.0 system:

  1. Fit seeds or seedlings to your own design for the super cloner area
  2. Transplant plants at a two inch height to the flowering chamber
  3. Take advantage of a great harvest!

The hydroponics system allows for growing 44 4.5 foot tall plants along with vegetating 32smaller plants—this versatile set up allows for diversity in your grow area.

Here are some of the great features that you get with the Trinity 3.0 system:

  • Comes with all necessary material, including two months of nutrient supplies
  • 250/275/400HPS Super Cool Lumatek lighting system provides adjustable mount for better light application
  • The Superponics system, an automated grow resource, helps your plants grow 2 to 5 times faster with innovative design for new hydroponic strategies.
  • Our efficient carbon air filter ensures that odors are eliminated in the grow area
  • Super cloner adjustable chamber helps you get complete success with cloning plants—this chamber includes two 4100k grow lights that are perfectly designed for clones and seedlings
  • Use the available adjustable trellis to grow your plants efficiently and get up to 40% bigger results
  • The internal air handling fan on this unit ensures that corner plants get the same quality of air distribution as those in the center of the box
  • Unique interior panels are anti-mold and antibacterial
  • Everything in the Trinity 3.0 comes with a three-year full warranty for no hassle over problem components
  • Instructional DVD and product lifecycle customer service help you to get troubleshooting all of the way through your plant projects
  • Our available CO2 system can increase yield by 30 to 50%
  • With the Trinity 3.0, you can grow a maximum harvest and top yields with healthy, large plants

The two-stage chambers in the Trinity 3.0 allow for the complete plant cycles so that you can grow clones and mother plants simultaneously.

You will get this Trinity 3.0 product completely assembled delivered straight to you – just add water and use available nutrients to get excellent plant results up to four a half feet tall.

The Vegetation Chamber

Holds seedlings, a few mother plants, and up to 32 clones with this super cloner feature

80w T-12 fluorescent bulbs help with the stages of clone plant development

Adjust the chamber for maximum versatility

The Flowering Chamber & Second Flower Chamber

  • Get 44 plants at 4.5 feet tall in each 45-65 day grow cycle
  • A 10 gallon reservoir is sanitary and low maintenance with the Superponics automated watering system included
  • 250/275/400HPS and 400/430/600 grow lights help provide optimal light spectrum
  • Tempered glass reflector on your grow lights, along with adjustable features, helps you get just the right amount of light to plants
  • Use Superponics automated system in hydroponics or soil
  • Locking key security system provided
  • Use available CO2 system for $199 and get 30 to 50% more in terms of plant results
  • With the Trinity 3.0 system, you get air filter, nutrients, timers and all other components that you need
  • Grow your plants incredibly big and healthy with better outcomes than any other system
  • Low energy kit uses up to 20% less energy than other systems
  • Superponics automated watering system can help you get 40% more growth than other systems
  • Putting the controls on the back of the unit helps with neat appearance
  • Cross cooling and good air handling helps your corner plants to thrive
  • We provide a full no hassle three year warranty on all parts of this Trinity 3.0 system
  • The Trinity 3.0 kit includes super cloner and adjustable veggie chamber shelf for versatile results
  • Unique watering system helps growers to avoid blockage problems
  • Grow your plants with strong roots systems for independent results
  • You will get a free instructional DVD and lifecycle tech support for your Trinity 3.0 system
  • Use the Trinity 3.0 system in a single standard house outlet
  • Get up to 30 to 50% more plant yields than you would with other hydroponic grow box systems
  • Secure your airflow with available features
  • Comes with everything you need and technical support as well
  • Made in California

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