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The Yield Lab 48x48x78” reflective grow tent is equipped with Reflective Interior Mylar to help you grow herbs, vegetables, and even fruit! Heavy duty oxford cloth outside and non-toxic reflective silver water proof mylar inside provide 360 degrees of light on to your garden . Heavy exterior zippers make setup and breakdown simple. With sturdy metal poles and hooks, this tent will hold the weight of your 400w, 600w, fluorescent, or LED grow lights. With a variety of ventilation ports, grab this tent today and start growing the yields you’ve always wanted!

  1. Size: 48"(L)x48"(W)x78"(H)
  2. Exterior Material: Heavy duty Oxford Cloth
  3. Weight Capacity: 176 lbs (80kg)
  4. Inner Lining Material: 100% highly reflective water-proof Mylar
  5. Frame Material: Sturdy Metal rods with Connectors
  6. Large door for setting up lighting system and moving plants in or out easily
  7. BONUS: Built-in window with a Velcro cover to view your garden without exposing it to air
  8. Rectangle windows with mesh for better ventilation without the bugs
  9. Various vents for natural air and (Vent rings are NOT included. Sell separately in store)
  10. BONUS: A convenient pouch for holding tools
  11. Double water-proof Floor with Velcro for extra protection
  12. Compatible with 400w, 600w, T5, & LED grow light systems

Why Choose Yield Lab Tents?

Light-Proof, Oxford Cloth Tent:

There’s no need to worry about letting light out or in with Yield Lab grow tents. High grade reflective material inside of the tent gives your plants 360 degrees of coverage, and heavy duty Oxford cloth on the outside is tear proof means no worries about light leaks! 

Front Bay Windows:

Yield Lab tents are made with viewing windows with velcro tearaway covers. If you'd like to take a peak at your plants without opening the entire door, simply tear away the Oxford cloth tearaway cover and your garden can be viewed without letting potential pests in to your grow room!

Effective Air Circulation:

4" and 6” dual sided vent ports surround this tent for circulation of air in and out of the tent via duct fans. Sometimes you need to duct in to your grow, and sometimes you need to duct out of your vent. With Yield Lab tents you'll never have to sacrifice one over the other: you always have the option to do both!

Strong, Sturdy, and Secure Light Hanging:

Tired of those  plastic tent pole connectors snapping on you? Yield Lab tents offer all-in-one connecting poles which slide in to each other instead of being strung by connectors. That means our poles can handle more weight for a longer period of time over plastic connectors! 

Vents Parameter:





 6" Diameter


4” Diameter





Light-Proof Grow Tent:

There’s no need to worry about letting light out or in with Yield Lab grow tents. Our tents offer 360 degree coverage which will benefit all stages of your garden’s life from seeds to harvest.

Non-toxic to Environment
Safe, non-toxic reflective mylar material will NOT chemically react to heat coming from lights. Low budget reflective material can react dangerously under extreme heat, up to and including combustion (catching on fire).

Easy Light & Temperature Control
Yield Lab tents have strong tent poles for hanging your lights and plenty of exhaust vents for fan and filter ducting.

Effective Air Circulation
4” and 6” vent ports around this tent will provide circulation of air in and out of the tent via duct fans. There are also tear-away vents for natural air flow with a mesh cover to allow maximum air ventilation without any pests entering your garden.

Package Includes:

  • 1x 48"(L)x48"(W)x78"(H) Growing Tent
  • 1x Metal Frame Set
  • 1x Instruction
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